Walt Herr - Owner


Walt has an unwavering passion for hot rods and muscle cars and has many years of experience working on them.  His career began with the opening of his own shop in Tucson, Arizona.  Later he became a professional race team specialist in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).  His team won two National World Championships and several other awards.  In 2008 he chose to plant roots in Brownsburg, Indiana and opened Walt's Hot Rod Shop.  Please visit our History page for more information.  Walt spends his spare time working on his own hot rods.  His current collection includes a '69 Camaro, a '72 Chevy pick-up truck and a '72 Nova.  Click here to read Drag Racing Online's article about Herr and his Camaro.

Steve MacPherson - Shop Manager


An ASE Certified Master Technician, Steve worked for various auto dealerships and spent 20 years teaching auto diesel mechanics before joining Walt’s team.  He is a proud Navy veteran who trained as a nuke power plant operator after high school and served 6 years on submarines.  Steve has always been involved in racing and cars.  He was a mechanic for Indy race teams, built sprint and silver crown cars, and even owned his own race team.  His passion for hot rods evolved from this "gearhead" mentality.  He has been on the Board of Directors for the ISRA and served 20 years as State Technical Chairman of the Ford/AAA Auto Skills National Competition.  Steve and his wife Nancy, live in Lebanon, IN and are involved in the community there.  They both enjoy travel and going to car shows.   

Wayne MacPherson - Auto Tecchnician

Eddie Molina - Apprentice Auto Technician


Our newest team member, Eddie, is a 2013 graduate of Ben Davis High School who has worked on cars with his dad for the past eight years.  He likes American muscle cars and hot rods and would like to get involved in racing.  Working in Walt's shop, he feels, puts him one step closer to reaching his dream.

Alan Brown - Shop Assistant Manager - Volunteer

Team member, Alan Brown brings a ton of experience and knowledge to our shop. A former Sprint Car Driver and Long time Hot Rodder. Alan is retired now, but brings his auto experience and know how to the shop whenever we need him. Thank You Alan!

Nitrous - Shop Dog

Nitrous has a lot of Puppy in her yet and loves to run! That's why there is a sign on our Show Room door that reads, (Please, Do Not Let The Dog Out!)

Tom Brissey - Website Owner



Tom is retired from Eli Lilly & Co. and Shiel Sexton Construction Co. Tom is an avid hotrodder and self-proclaimed Corvette "junkie." He has owned five in his lifetime and currently enjoys his 1967 Corvette Restomod and a 32 Ford High Boy Coupe on the side.  



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