Walt’s Hot Rod Shop is owned by Walt Herr.  Walt’s passion for racing and automotive maintenance/repair was sparked as a youth in Tucson, Arizona.  He enjoyed helping his uncle, a drag racer, do performance upgrades and vehicle maintenance.  During his teen years, Herr participated in Vocational Industrial Clubs of America and Advanced Automotive Club.  As a representative of Amphitheatre High School, he earned a second-place finish in Arizona’s Plymouth Troubleshooting Contest. 

Following graduation, Herr worked in various automotive shops and spent his spare time building his own race car.  In 1991, he opened Walt’s Auto Service, where he performed maintenance and repair services for performance racers as well as the general public.  He became ASE Master Certified.

In 1996, Herr seized the opportunity to become a professional race team specialist.  He joined Doug Herbert Racing and worked as an engine and cylinder head specialist and bottom end technician.   A year later he moved to Don Prudhomme Racing where he spent 10 years as a clutch specialist for Larry Dixon’s Miller Lite team based in Brownsburg, Indiana.  During Herr’s tenure with Don Prudhomme Racing, the team won two NHRA Championships and 35 National event trophies. 


Growing weary of life on the road, Herr yearned to settle down in one location.  In 2008, he planted roots in Brownsburg and opened Walt’s Hot Rod Shop in a modest 1,600 square foot building on Johnson Lane.  His mission was to serve the central Indiana community by performing auto repairs, maintenance and performance upgrades.  His first project included performance work on a pair of second-generation Camaros for customers from Denmark.  A few local performance and street rod owners heard about Herr and brought their cars to him.  Word of Herr’s exceptional mechanical abilities and installation techniques spread quickly throughout the local street rod community.  Despite the dismal economy, Herr’s business was flourishing and the shop on Johnson Lane was busting at the seams.  On June 1, 2009, Walt’s Hot Rods moved to a 5,800 square foot shop on Brownsburg’s Mardale Drive, where the business resides currently.


Today Walt's Hot Rod Shop's mission remains the same – to fulfill customers’ total maintenance/repair and performance upgrade needs.  We strive to provide our customers with a one-stop shopping experience.  For services that are not among our specialties, we coordinate activities with other top-notch local specialists so our customers don't have to visit multiple shops. 



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